At Roitman Group Dubbing & Subtitling we specialize in dubbing and subtitling of TV content; films, documentaries, soap operas, TV shows, series, documentaries, animations, commercials, institutional and any other audiovisual pieces requiring narration and/or dramatization in Neutral (Latin American) Spanish language for distribution within the Spanish speaking market. By combining high digital technology and qualified staff– with vast skills and expertise in the professional video and dubbing areas, Roitman Group Dubbing & Subtitling has built a strong presence in the market. Our artistic capabilities, technological quality and timely deliveries have contributed to our success.

A team of translators, true to the scripts, who convey the original ideas while adapting them for lip-synch.

Voice actors and speakers, hundreds talented voices, trained in theaters, radio and television. Long years of mastering the dubbing art, they show their experience by the composition of accents to suite a wide variety of characters.

Professional sound engineering technicians who are true creators, mixing voices, effects and music along the post-production stage. Their finishing touch is a key feature of our excellence service.

Technical Infrastructure

- Own recording studios.
- Post-production and digitalization studios, designed to perform projects of all kind.
- Digital post-production and recording halls, equipped with Digidesign ProTools.
- Microphones: Neumann, Sennheiser, A.K.G, among others.


Ours works

Voice Over